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Cure For Leukemia From Nature

Cure For Leukemia From Nature
By Ty Daniel

Many people are now looking for natural cures to things such as leukemia. This is becoming more and more common among those that are suffering from this disease. There are many different reasons that people have for looking for natural cures for their illnesses. Some of them are because the patient may not like the chemical treatment that the doctor is offering. There can be severe and dangerous side effects and the patient may not find it worth the risk. If this is the case then they may turn to natural treatments to help them with their battle. You should certainly have hope because there are options for those seeking a cure for leukemia from nature out there.

Medical Treatment for Leukemia

The main medical treatment for leukemia is chemotherapy. The effects of chemotherapy may be detrimental to the patient in many ways. The patient may get fatigue and feel like they don't want to get out of bed. This can lead to depression and depression is far from good when you are trying to get your body to heal. Chemotherapy can also cause nausea or vomiting this is a side effect that many people simply do not like. It can make you feel very ill and that is not always good for getting your body to want to heal either.

Another common side effect from chemotherapy treatment is that you will often times lose your hair. This is undesirable and may be something that many are not willing to deal with. With chemotherapy you may find that you lose all of you hair and then are in need of a wig just to hide the fact that your hair is missing. You may also lose a good bit of weight as well. This could mainly be the cause of the nausea and vomiting enabling you from being able to eat or even keep down any amount of food.

Natures cure for leukemia

One of the most common known cures for leukemia is vitamin A. It is said that vitamin A has had great cure rates since the studies that have been done on it. In the studies vitamin A was injected directly into the fat of the person with leukemia. This deposit of vitamin A was said to be deposited into a "fat bubble" or into "bubbles of fat" to increase or enhance bio-availability.

There were 34 patients that were in the study and all they received was the vitamin A. Out of these 34 patients that received the vitamin A, 10 of these patients where still cancer free after five years even though none of these patients received the chemotherapy treatments. This was said to be astonishing by those who preformed the study.

These patients received only vitamin A for the natural treatment they did not receive any of the other natural remedies that are proven to help with leukemia as well. There are many other herbs and vitamins that if taken in conjunction with the vitamin A are thought to increase the success rate of the vitamin A treatment.

There are other supplements that you may want to take with this cure for leukemia remedy to improve the chances of being cured even more.

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