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General Info On Leukemia

General Info On Leukemia

Leukemia is a very serious disease that affects both the marrow and blood system. In the case of leukemia the number of white blood cells that are in a human body get seriously out of control and multiply to a very big and alarming number.

Because of this, and the fact that the marrow is responsible for normal blood production, the space for the normal count of blood cells to be made is messed up. From this 3 major problems occur: either the white blood cells become to rare the risk of infection seriously rising in this case, the red cells also become to be more rare, in this case anemia, fatigue or weakness affecting the patient.

Modern medicine has been able to classify leukemia in many types all of them with a wide variety of symptoms.

The word used to name this disorder also kind of names it: in Greek this literally means white blood. Because of the problems that occur in this disease the bone marrow might not be able to keep passe with the production of red blood cells or platelets in the normal numbers.

To make matters even worse the white cells start to increase in number at an alarming rate, thus not being capable to fully mature in order to fight viruses or other threats as they should. Aggravating the situation even more would be the fact that these great numbers of white cells infiltrate the organs causing even more problems like making them malfunction or even worse making them fail. The organs most likely to be affected are kidneys, liver and even the spleen. In the cases of the liver and spleen the size might actually increase.

The normal function of the spleen is that of a cleaner, filtering aging or dying red cells or platelets. When in the case of leukemia the spleen becomes enlarged, the duty that it has may actually become a problem for the body in the fact that it may actually start removing normally healthy red cells and platelets. This fact lids to the further decrease of number of these cells that were already starting to be produced in lower numbers.

As leukemia aggravates, the state of the blood also aggravates. This may become overwhelmed by immature white cells leading to severe problems in the patient, like: fatigue and weakness. The actual fact is that deprived of red cells and platelets the blood is no longer capable of coagulating properly making every little cut dangerous; to further increase risks white blood cells can’t this way fight an intruder if this ultimately makes its way into the body.

Leukemia is not a fact to joke about, the help of doctors and the need of medical attention being very big.

By: Groshan Fabiola

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