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Complete Information On Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Complete Information On Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

The chronic lymphocytic leukemia is the type leukemia. The leukemia either the leukemia are the blood or the marrow cancer and for the unusual proliferation (production description by multiplication) the blood corpuscle. The chronic lymphocytic leukemia (and called CLL) is slowly usually obtains a worse blood and the marrow disease. CLL is the secondary common type leukemia in the adult. It frequently will occur in or in the middle age later the period. It very little occurs regarding the child. Every year, about 10,,000 personally accepts the chronic lymphocytic leukemia in US to diagnose.

More people are the survival and CLL compare other type leukemia. Most people's and CLL at least 50 years old. A patient's average age has this type leukemia is 70. It is short very much is seen in a person younger ratio 40. The disease is together the Jew which drops in Russia or Eastern Europe, with is uncommon in Asia. The chronic lymphocytic leukemia cannot cause the sign or the symptom. When the symbol and the symptom are the existence at the disease early time stage, they frequently are vague and unspecific and include the fever, reduces weight, the appetite, the lethargic loss and is weary.

Perhaps a more specific symbol and the symptom emerge in a more advanced stage without the treatment chronic leukemia. These symbols and the symptom occur when the leukemic cell crowds beside suitably the function, mature blood corpuscle. The chronic lymphocytic leukemia is possible and to cause the bone ache, the joint pain, the lymph node to swell the liver and the spleen, with expansion in neck, underarm, stomach or mouse footpath. The different leukemia possibly has to the herbicide other cause exposition and the insecticide, perhaps increases the chronic lymphocytic leukemia risk.

The virus and connected with some kind of leukemia form. The Fanconi anemia and is the risk factor for the development profound myelogenous leukemia. Has early the stage chronic lymphocytic leukemia most patients (CLL) not to need any treatment when the disease is first diagnosed. The most common treatment is CLL is chemotherapy medicine fludarabine. The injection to the colony stimulates analyzes the factor which because for example the granulocyte colony stimulates (G-CSF), perhaps helps to shorten the grain of leukopenia the period cause to the induction therapy.

By: Juliet Cohen

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